Standards & Specifications

U.S. Government Specifications & Studies:

Department of Defense
Commercial Item Description
A-A-50271 Class 2-Composition C

Anodic Coatings for Aluminum & Aluminum Alloys
Type II Class 1 (unprocessed or clear)
Class 2 (processed)

Standard Practice
Marking of Electronic items

Identification of Equipment
Type G – Foil – Type H – Plate

General Specification for Plates Identification or Instruction,
Metal Foil, Adhesive Backed

Department of Navy
Laboratory evaluation of label plate
materials and attachment
methods considered for use on LPD-17
June 2000

NASA, Johnson Space Centre Texas
Space Station Inventory Label
Specification – SSP 50007

Industry Specifications & Studies:

BF Goodrich Aerospace
Data Systems Division
Specification SMT0022

Boeing Commercial Aircraft Co.
Boeing Process Specification BAC5875
Fabrication of Aluminum Markers
Instrument Panels, Drawer Front Panels &
Fabrication of Metal & Plastic Appliques

Honeywell, Inc.
Satellite Systems Operations
Approved for use on Space Station
Memo A3-J024-M-9501786
Laboratory Case 161311

Norwegian Marine Technology
Research Institute (Marintek)
Corrosion test of anodized aluminum
plates 23.1011.00.0391

SAE Technical Paper Series 2000-01-2437
Special requirements for Crew Interface Labels
on the International Space Station


Canadian Standard Association (CSA)
File 11133-1, Class 7991

Underwriter Laboratories)
Marking and Labeling Systems PGDQ2
Marking and Labeling Systems Material
Component PGGU2.MH26206

Performance Characteristics
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